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The Classical Yoga tradition

is accessible to many people, providing options for each pose and movement.  It is a moderately paced physical practice with ideas for more gentle or challenging variations.  Classes begin with a quiet check-in and end in relaxation, often with guided imagery.  

Multi-week sessions are offered throughout the year.  

Class Location - Group classes are held at the Wellness Point, 809 E Main St Annville., in front of the Annville Fitness Center. At this point there is no sign for the Wellness Point or building number. We are located in the middle area with the brick facade. However there are issues with the main door so we are using the door which is surrounded by dark green vertical siding.

Private sessions for 1-2 people are  also available at the home office of 761 Fieldstone Drive Annville.  NOTE - a cat lives here - if you are allergic contact Denise. 

For a fun gathering with friends, consider a yoga party at your location.

Yoga for You is also available for workshops and training in topics such as stress management, self-care, nutrition and more. Contact Denise to explore the possibilities.