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In preparing for a yoga class please consider the following:

  A yoga mat is strongly suggested to provide a supportive base as well as a non-slippery surface for the poses.  A towel or blanket can be used temporarily if you don’t have a mat.   An additional 1-2 towels/blankets are helpful for seated support and to cover during relaxation. 

If you are uncomfortable on the floor for any reason, use a chair.  Never strain in a pose or with breathing.  Yoga’s philosophy is to create a feeling of inner peace, so we practice ease and acceptance in all procedures. 

If possible arrive 5-10 minutes before class to allow yourself time to transition and acclimate.  However, do not ever stress about being late; come into the class even if it has started.  The unexpected has happened to all of us - no one will be upset. 

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes.  No jeans, for example.  You won’t want to eat a big meal right before class.  Best to eat light 1 – 1.5 hours prior or a larger meal 2 or more hours before class. 

Refrain from strong scents, lotions and perfumes. 

Remove shoes before entering yoga space. 

Generally speaking, it takes several weeks of classes to determine if yoga is for you.  Most people discontinue yoga due to feeling they aren’t doing it ‘right,’ not asking questions, and choosing to not follow the adaptations that would work for them.  True yoga is about becoming experts on our own conditions, needs, and tendencies and working with them, not trying to change them or look/move like someone else.  Always go with a more gentle approach until you see how it affects you.  If your questions are more in-depth please contact me.  

Quittie Glen is located at 417 Reigerts Lane in Annville.  Classes are held in the Victor and Lois Biever Pavilion which is on the left as you come up the driveway.  Circle around to the left of the building for parking. Park in the regular designated spaces, the ADA space, along the driveway or in the grass.

In the case of inclement weather or circumstances requiring the cancellation of a class, I will contact students to announce changes and makeup options. 

If the cost of the classes is prohibitive, contact me to discuss other payment options.  In general, session refunds are not given; however, if you have a medical/personal emergency please contact me to discuss options.  A portion of the class cost supports Quittie Glen .

These classes are appropriate for ages 16 and older.  If you are interested in yoga for the younger set please contact Pat Steely, Certified Childlight yoga instructor at (717) 926-4312 or 

 Yoga for You

 Denise Smith

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